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Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie en advies!
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The best solution to speed up the recovery of your horses hoof problems, Activo-Med!

Hoof problems, a common and often very hindering problem for your horse.

If your horse has hoof problems, it is not only painful for your horse but there is also a chance that the horse will develop an irregular gait. As your horse is trying to relieve the painful leg reducing pain it usually develops an unnatural gait. It is therefore important to solve the hoof problem with your horse as quickly as possible to prevent the irregular gait to cause new medical issues in the future.

Unfortunately, treating a problem in the horse's hoof is not always easy. Without radical chirurgical treatments it is often difficult to treat 'in' your horse's hoof. But at Activo-Med we have a solution for that, namely the magnetic hoof shoe!

We have incorporated our well-known magnetic therapy into a hoofshoe. The magnetic therapy in the hoofshoe is so strong that it actually reaches deep into your horse's hoof. This will improve the blood circulation in your horse's hoof to remove the waste products and supply oxygen, and thus accelerate the recovery.

Hoof problems in which an Activo-Med magnetic hoof shoe can support recovery very well are:

  • Navicular syndrome
  • Problems with the deep flexor tendon and coffin bone 
  • It can also help very well with older laminitis
  • In addition, the hoof shoe also helps with hoof bruising (stone bruises), and can also help to open a hoof ulcer more quickly. In this way, the pus will be able to leave the hoof faster and the recovery of the hoof will also start earlier.

A magnetic hoofshoe from Activo-Med is easy to use, has a hard bottom which gives it more durability. And if you already have a therapy system from us, all you have to do is buy the hoof shoe. You can find it here. You can then connect this to your existing control panel. If you do not have an Activo-Med control panel with battery yet, you can always order a full Activo-Med set. Find the complete package here.

Contra-Indications for the use of a hoofshoe!

Our magnet therapy is so strong that it optimizes the blood circulation and regeneration of your horse's body. However, this is not desirable for a horse with the following hoof problems: Laminitis which is still very fresh, and horses where a surgical nerve block has taken place.

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