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The 7 benefits of Aqua training for horses & a story from the field:

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There are many riders who have heard of Aqua Training for horses but what are the benefits of Aqua training? & why do people decide to give horses Aqua Training? This blog posts explains you all the benefits & gives an insight of when Aqua training is used.

The Aqua Trainer of Activo-Med has been designed together with Matthias Baumann, an FEI sports veterinary with a focus on rehabilitation and recovery of horses. Therefore, all aspects & features in the Aqua Trainer of Activo-Med are optimized to help sport riders manage their sport horses in the best way possible.

We asked Matthias Baumann & some sport riders who use our Aqua trainers to give us an insight in what to use Aqua training for and how it benefits their horses.


  1. Horses learn to collect more and better without too much strain
  2. The movemens/gaits of the horses improve
  3. It helps the musculature system
  4. It helps with recovery of the tendons and joints
  5. Prevent & Rehabilitation of back problems
  6. Help build young horses without too much stress & pressure
  7. And it is a great for the overall fitness of the horses

 Aqua Training for Horses


A story from the field

Matthias explained us that a Grand Prix dressage rider came to his clinic with an older but very good horse which was lame. After multiple treatments in the Aqua Trainer with Matthias the horse was back to health. Sadly, soon after being home the horse was lame again. They decided to continue the aqua training sessions in combination with simple training at home and the horse was back to perfect health & ready to compete again. Since than the rider bought an Aqua Trainer, as he found out that his horse needed the Aqua training more than he needed daily training with the rider. With the Aqua trainer the older horse was able to stay with fit without having too much pressure on the body and was back competing with good results.


Want to know where you can go with your horse for Aqua Training? Or would you like to have one in your own stable? Contact us for more information!

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