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How to keep your Magnetic blanket clean for your horse!

You might know it..... you have a beautiful Magnetic/Massage therapy blanket for your horse. But... now after using it a few times your blanket smells a little, your horse has sweat during treatment and horse hairs are starting to stick to it as well.

Well great.... what should you do now?


Well if you have an Activo-Med therapy blanket you can wash it!

Really you ask? Yes really! 

Activo-Med understands like no other what riders and equine therapists go through on a daily basis in the stable. We know that there is always little time and eventhough you are very careful things always get dirty when you are around horses!

Therefore all our systems are designed with easy mainantaince and simple usage in mind!


Check out the video below and learn how to wash your magnetic blanket!


No time to watch the video? Read how to wash your therapy blanket below:


How to wash your magentic blanket for horses? In a few easy steps!

  • Simply open the velcro on the neck, back and hind parts of the blanket
  • Take out the magnetic and massage modules 
  • Wash the blanket (without modules) on 30 degrees or a cold program
  • Let the blanket dry (do not use a drying machine)
  • Put the magentic and massage modules back in the blanket
  • & you and your horse are ready for another therapy session!

Easy peasy lemon squeesy!


* Make sure you take out module piece before washing the blanket!  All the navy blue area's represent modules!

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