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About us

Activo-Med therapy systems for horses! Get to know us!

Activo-Med: made by riders for riders!

Activo-Med supports equine performance, regeneration, and rehabilitation with a number of products.  Our systems have been in use around the world for two decades and are a permanent fixture in horse care. Not only for sports horses but in any area of owners, riders and breeders looking to provide optimum support in their daily equestrian management.

Furthermore, in the field of hydrotherapy, Activo-Med is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide.

Ongoing support and advice are part of our service with all products.


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Competent consulting by Dr. med. vet. Matthias Baumann

Activo-Med has a special long-term partnership with Dr. med. vet. Matthias Baumann. He is specialised in equine rehabilitation and acupuncture.

For 22 years, he was running a rehab centre for horses using a water treadmill to bring injured horses back into work. Since 1998, Dr. Baumann is a surveyor for equestrian sports issues commissioned by the IHK Munich. Matthias was an active member of the German Three-Day-Eventing Team and competed at two Olympic Games, won the National Championships three times.

For Activo-Med, Dr. Baumann is the official veterinary consultant who advises in all therapeutic queries, writes training and rehabilitation plans and provides the therapeutic induction training for the aqua trainers and spas.


Pulsed Magnetic System

In the past few years, veterinarians have gained new knowledge in the use of pulsed magnetic therapy based on electromagnetic fields, which can influence the organisms of biological systems.

The cell is the beginning of life. It is the root and elementary foundation for any living organism. Inside the cell, growth and other functions are controlled by electromagnetic oscillations. Are these malfunctioning, ill health may be the consequence, often caused by low magnetic energy. The inductive impact of electromagnetic stimulation has the ability to re-polarise the oscillation thereby normalising cell activity.


Complex Technology for Your Horse, Easy and User-Friendly Application

With the purchase of an Impulse Line product featuring pulsed magnetic therapy, a modern, highly efficient, and user-friendly system is guaranteed. Our products represent the latest technology especially in terms of micro-processor-controlled features. The systems are developed from solid and extensive clinical and empirical experiences of veterinarian and medical experts. Our multifunctional control box generates a low frequency pulsed magnetic field, which can be combined with a variable degree of vibration massage. While simultaneously, offering a unique and effective treatment solution which is highly adaptable to suit individual’s needs.


Janneke Boonzaaijer Activo-Med



The unique activation sends wave-like signals to the heart. This is termed cardiovascular- compliant. The high-performance applicator has been set out in five segments, which can be controlled separately or in combination through our multifunctional control box. This applies to both functions – pulsed magnetic field and vibro-massage.



The WLP system combines the pulsed magnetic field with our unique Wave-Light- Pulse technology and is available as a light shower, pointer and power pad. Intensity and frequency can be set simultaneously to the WLP signal strength. The Wave-Light-Pulse system is a device for intensive, more bundled treatment of certain areas.



The combination of movement and hydrotherapy not only complements each other perfectly but brings forth a new form of therapy. Controlled movement is the best way of treating lameness whilst cold water cools and massages the horse’s limbs. These complementary forms of therapy are also particularly useful when working with sports horses.

Movement in water is known for its positive effects for building muscles and fitness, especially when working in water depths up to the carpal joints, as gravity is reduced considerably in water, therefore decreasing exertion on muscles and joints.

Water produces gentle resistance, helping build muscle tone and strength, getting stronger with speed, whilst too much exertion is averted by the buffering nature of water.

Technical instruction by our engineers is part of the package as much as specialist veterinary induction by FEI vet and rehabilitation specialist Dr. med. vet. Matthias Baumann. Tailored therapy and training plans are prepared in accordance with the latest scientific research.


Duffle bags Activo-Med


Water technology

With our specially designed water system, training your horses is made possible

with the least amount of interruption, unease or time wasting. Powerful pumps ensure fast filling and emptying of the treadmill, whilst the controls allow for exact filling height of the water.

Furthermore, we do not compromise when it comes to hygiene and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art water filtration system can be configured to different levels of cleaning and disinfection capabilities depending on usage, water recycling needs etc. No matter which configuration you choose – long lasting quality in the water circulation system is guaranteed.


Winners are produced at home!

Success depends on equine management, health and regeneration. All products manufactured by Activo-Med have become extremely useful in equestrian sports, breeding and leisure over the past decades and play an integral part in horse care in many yards today.