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Activo-Med: aqua trainer, magnetic blankets & more for horses! Reviews

‘’I use the Activo-Med professional blanket and boots! My horses really enjoy the treatment sessions with the blanket. I use the blanket on a daily basis as pre warm-up for training and they are clearly more supple and can feel that it has really loosened their muscles after the use of the blanket. After intense training I also use the blanket to help them recover as soon as possible. The blanket detoxifies the horses and helps remove the soreness and fatigue which is very important! I also use the boots a lot, especially as one of my top horses had an injury past season. I received professional advice and a treatment plan to get my horse to recover as soon as possible. This really paid off and I am now already able to re-start training with her. Neither me nor my horses can go without the products of Activo-Med anymore!

- Janneke Boonzaaijer, Dutch Eventing Rider, ACSI Team & KNHS talenten team.

Janneke Boonzaaijer


‘’I am 100% happy with our Activo-Med blanket! I use it 3 times per weel before my training. I also use the blanket after my horses' have had a tougher training that day. The reason I use it after training is so that my horse can recover maximally from the training. I really feel a difference when using the blanket, my horses are more supple. Also when putting the blanket on their back I can see that they enjoy it and start to relax. They love getting a treatment and doze off”

- Maxime van der Vlist, Dutch Grand Prix Dressage Rider.Maxime van der Vlist


‘’I find the horses relax so much when using the rug before and after riding. We can tell they really like it. We always take the rug with us travelling – even on the plane. The benefit my horses get from the Activo-Med system is definitely noticeable.”

- Scott Brash, Olympic Champion Jumping from Great Britain


Scott Brash 

‘’I like using the Impulse Line products before or after riding, as this provides an ideal way of relaxation for my horses. During shows I use the blanket for relaxation and regeneration to prevent possible build-up of lactic acid. The water treadmill provides optimal support for building-up muscles and fitness in my horses.”

- Isabell Werth, Olympic Champion Dressage for Germany

 Isabell Werth


“I use the Activo-Med blanket for warming-up and after serious efforts. It makes my horses recover well. They are fit again the next day. My horses enjoy it!”

- Leopold van Asten, Dutch Olympic Show Jumping rider


 Leopold van Asten


‘’Activo-Med is an essential part of our daily routine. We particularly use the magnetic and massage rug before and after exercise combined with the laser shower to treat and prevent soreness and injury keeping our horses in top Shape and ready to compete.’’

- Paul Kennedy, Cartown Sporthorses, Irish show Jumping rider


Paul Kennedy Cartown Sporthorses with Activo-Med

‘’I have been using the Activo-Med blanket with my horses for three years now, and to say that I am pleased with the result is to say nothing, I am very happy with this product!

My horses now after using the Activo-Med blanket are in great shape, the need for the veterinary care and physiotherapy has decreased a lot. I am using the blanket as by the instructions from the S1 program before work to S2 after work. The horses became much more relaxed and feel very comfortable. I can see that their muscle tone after the use is great. Sometimes I use the blanket after competitions, then I use S3 program for a strong and fast recovery of my partners, if you want your horse to be always in good shape then get this wonderful product.’’

 - Nikita Mansour, Ukrainian show Jumping rider


Nikita Mansoer

‘’The water treadmill has become one of the most important training elements we use to build muscle and fitness as well as keeping our horses in tip top condition. “

Knowing I have my Activo-Med blanket with me at shows,gives me the certainty of my horses  well-being.’’

 - Bernadette Brune, Gestüt Brune, German Grand Prix Dressage rider


Bernadette Bruhne


‘’For years I have been using the Activo-Med ImpulseLine products in my practice as a vet and for my own sports horses. The pulsed magnetic blanket has been especially useful in treating problems such as kissing spines and other painful conditions concerning the back area. For conditions like tying up, the recovery period is vastly reduced as the muscle enzymes return to normal levels so much quicker. But also for very nervous and tense horses we can observe much more suppleness and calmness when using the blanket before riding.’’

 - med. vet Clemens Hayessen, FEI vet and successful Three-day-Eventer in classes CCI****


‘’Unfortunately, we can’t take the water treadmill with us when we are travelling to shows. However, during training and especially at the beginning of the season I train my two big lads Vicco Pop and Castle King regularly in the water treadmill. This way, I can get them fit without putting too much strain on their body whilst slowly building their muscles and fitness. Furthermore, aqua training adds a little change to the routine of daily work whilst exercising different muscle groups compared to riding. I clearly feel the difference in my horses, which is why I rate all products by Activo-Med so highly.

Since my two big boys are competing at the highest level in three-day-eventing we use the Activo-Med pulsed magnetic blanket and PectoPad daily. With the easy to use control box with all listed programs and sequences, we always have the right treatment for each horse. Even Vicco Pop who is notoriously difficult, can finally relax. Generally, I use the blanket before riding, as my horses start training much more loose and relaxed.’’

- Jörn Warner, Germany Eventing Rider

Jorn Warner


‘’The water treadmill is the most important training aid for my sports and rehabilitation

horses. All horses really develop superbly. For horses recovering from injury, I can observe a definite improvement almost immediately, especially after ligament and tendon injuries. We also have fantastic results combining aqua training with the use of our Activo-Med pulsed magnetic leg wraps and blanket, even my oldest patient who is 30 years old enjoys his treatment very much. The combination of good riding, magnetic therapy and aqua training has made a huge difference and is a great asset in our training program.’’

- GEKE-Equivital rehab centre, Josefa Sommer


‘’It’s been nearly four years now, since we had our water treadmill and spa installed and we can see a huge improvement in the way horses develop after injury and illness. But also using the Activo-Med systems as training aid to improve fitness and gentle muscle build-up has made a great difference in our horses. The generously designed water treadmill allows horses to move freely and to stretch, which is particularly useful in building up muscles in neck and back areas. By being able to control speed and water levels to suit each horse, we can train each horse to its individual needs. The user-friendly controls and the high-performance filtration of the system, make for very easy work with the highest degree in hygiene and safety.’’

 - Andrea Engeler-Bading, Therapiestation Fehmbusch Eyendorf/Luhmühlen



‘’We are very happy with both the water treadmill and the spa. The horses love to work and splash in the water treadmill, and we can see very quickly how they gain muscle-mass on their top-line and how their stride-length is improved, even under the saddle. The horses get much more supple and nice in the contact, and that’s only after working a few times in the aqua trainer. I‘m really happy about the change I can feel in my dressage horses. But as much as we love the water treadmill, we wouldn‘t go without the spa. It‘s superb for keeping the horses sound, and for helping horses with injuries back into the sport!’’

 - Katrine Gammelgård, Lybækgård, Herning, Denmark