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What does an Aqua Spa really do for your horse and when to add this treatment to your horse management?

Biggest misconception of the Aqua Spa

The biggest misconception is that a treatment for horses in the aqua spa is as relaxing as a Spa treatment for humans. Why is this not the same? Because an aqua Spa treatment for horses can be compared to an Ice bath for human athletes, and let us be honest, that cannot really be labelled as comfortable, but it definitely is beneficial!

Recovery, Prevention & Rehabilitation!

The treatment in the Aqua Spa is very good for horses who are in top sport training & the Spa sessions can also benefit horses who have injuries; are very lame, have laminitis, or endured wounds.

Aqua Spa for Horses

Ice-Ice Baby

The salt in the water is known to disinfect the wounds and cuts, the ice-cold water helps get rid of the lactic acid and inflammation in the tendons. Thereby speeding up the recover as well prevent injuries. As the water is very cold (2-4 degrees) it is important to make sure that the water never touches the belly of the horse

A very nice add on from the Activo-Med Aqua Spa’s is that they can be fit next to a Aqua trainer, optimizing any treatment for you horses. Another feature is that the water system and pumps are very quiet. So, horses do not get distracted by noise during their treatment.


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