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4 Reasons – Why should I use a pulsed magnetic therapy blanket of Activo-Med for my horse?

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4 Reasons – Why should I use a pulsed magnetic therapy blanket of Activo-Med for my horse?

There are multiple reasons why you would want to give your horse pulsed magnetic therapy through one of our blankets.

Many riders know that the massage function in our blankets will relax their horse, however not many riders know what the combination with pulsed magnetic therapy can do for their horse. Also, many of you wonder, why would I add an Activo-Med impulse line system to the daily management of my horse(s)?

To help you answer some of these questions we have decided to write articles every now and then to inform all riders out there why Activo-Med is an essential part of daily horse management and why each rider should have one of our iconic bags with a system in their tack room! 😉


 The 4 main reasons for the use of pulsed magnetic therapy of Activo-Med:

  • Regeneration after injuries
  • Recovery after hard work
  • Prevent injuries by using it as part of your warm-up
  • Relaxation of your horse in general

You want only the BEST for your horse, right? Then this is another reason why you should add pulsed magnetic therapy to your daily routine! We believe that with our systems we can give you exactly that! The BEST therapy system out there to help your horse feel great, supple, relaxed and ready for his next ride with you!

Activo-Meds pulsed magnetic and massage blankets show positive effects on many horses. Results can be seen with all our blankets. Whether that is our budget friendly relax model or the elaborate professional system. Our systems are designed to help any horse owner give the best treatment to their horse!

Looking for more information? Please contact us we are more than happy to answer any of your questions!