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Aqua SPA - Activo Med
Aqua SPA - Activo Med
Aqua SPA - Activo Med

Aqua SPA

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The AquaLine Spa is the ideal wellness device for hydrotherapy. The combination of cooled water with a high salt content and oxygenation promotes natural healing processes and of course the training.

The appliance is made from saltwater resistant V4A stainless steel, manufactured strictly to ISO 9001 guidelines – including the fittings. Its water technology can be accommodated adjacent to the machine or away from the spa in a separate room.


Basic details

  • Robust stainless-steel housing
  • Sophisticated pump technology
  • Charcoal filter
  • Water technology with 2000 l
  • PVC tank
  • Oxygenation through air blowers
  • Integrated 5 kw chiller unit cooling to 4°C max.

Optional Features

  • Vibration modules
  • Front and Rear Ramps
  • As additional features to an Aqua trainer
  • As full additional module next to an aqua trainer.

Advantages of an Activo-Med SPA

  • Doors with single, quick release lever
  • Separate electric panel box, which can be positioned away from the spa
  • Mobile control panel which can be positioned anywhere on the side of the spa
  • End-to-end operating platform
  • Maintenance flaps front and rear
  • Marcrolon safety glass in front and rear door
  • Generous padding on rear door for safety


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