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Contact us for more information and advice!
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Aqua Trainer

The combination of movement and hydrotherapy not only complements each other perfectly but brings forth a new form of therapy. Controlled movement is the best way of treating lameness whilst cold water cools and massages the horse’s limbs.

These complementary forms of therapy are also particularly useful when working with sports horses. Movement in water is known for its positive effects for building muscles and fitness, especially when working in water depths up to the carpal joints, as gravity is reduced considerably in water, therefore decreasing exertion on muscles and joints. Water produces gentle resistance, helping build muscle tone and strength, getting stronger with speed, whilst too much exertion is averted by the buffering nature of water.

Technical instruction by our engineers is part of the package as much as specialist veterinary induction by FEI vet and rehabilitation specialist Dr. med. vet. Matthias Baumann. Tailored therapy and training plans are prepared in accordance with the latest scientific research. Ongoing support and advice are part of the service

Check out a video of the Aqua Trainer here:

NOTE: the Aqua Trainer cannot be bought online. This is merely an information page. If you are interested in buying one of these systems please contact us!


8 reasons why to buy a treadmill from Activo-Med

  1. The Aqua Trainer has front and rear doors
  2. The Aqua Trainer has an even belt without slanting on the sides, ensuring safe footing at all times
  3. The Aqua Trainer has no bars or chains restricting the horse’s movements during training
  4. The Aqua Trainer is longer than others, ensuring a great range of movement, long strides and stretching are possible
  5. The Aqua Trainer comes with two days induction from a FEI vet and rehab specialist, who provides training and therapy schedules too
  6. The Aqua Trainer can be used with fresh or salt water
  7. The Aqua Trainer can be purchased with an incline function
  8. The Aqua Trainer can be supplied with full filtration – ensuring continuous work is possible