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Contact us for more information and advice!
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Which Magnetic/Massage therapy systems are there for horses? and how do they work?

Therapy systems for horses....Magnetic-Vibration-Laser systems, so how do they work? 

There are many types of therapy systems for horses on the market. It can be so daunting that you simply give up researching what exists. This is such shame as we truly believe that with the right therapy systems you can make the life of your horse so much better and improve your results drastically!

Together with Glasten Krapels, Marion from Activo-Med explains the therapy systems that Activo-Med produces for horses in the video.

The 4-W's

Together we answer the 4 W's: What, What for, Why and When? What systems are there for horses? What are they used for? Why and when do you treat your horses with these systems? 

Activo-Med has Magnetic therapy systems for horses, Massage therapy systems with vibration and also special laser systems. All these systems can be used for the warm-up, regeneration after a tough training or for rehabilitation of injuries and sickness.

All systems are easily managed by any rider, this means that you can safely treat your horse in the comfort of your own stable! And if you are not sure what the best treatment plan is then our specialists are always available to give their tips and advice!

Also cool to know is: once you have a control panel of Activo-Med, you can control any additional system! You only need to add a system as component and you are ready to start treatment!

For more information about the products in the video please click on the links below. If you have more questions and they are not answered please feel free to contact us anytime!  You can do this via our website contact form, mail (, Social Media or via WhatsApp (0626615030)

Triple Power Pad (WLP Pad)

Laser Shower


Legwraps Profesioneel

Legwraps Relax

Legwraps Achterbenen

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